Find fruit trees available for picking: Consumer Website of the Week

October 04, 2011|Liz F. Kay

It's one thing to go foraging. It's yet another to know where to look!

With the help of, you can locate both fruit trees on public land, such as in parks, as well as trees on private property where the owners have offered the fruit to those willing to pick it.

On the flip side, if you know of a publicly accessible tree, or have a fruit-bearing tree on your property that you can't or don't want to pick, this might be a way to find willing takers.

If you are the owner of a tree, you don't have to let strangers wander your property --- you can gather the excess fruit and leave it where it can be picked up.

Here's the downside: right now there are no trees registered within 50 miles of the 21202 zip code. But I decided to share just in case:

a. local residents with knowledge of fruit trees are willing to submit locations and

b. in case you can check this before a road trip to a metro area where this site has more traction.

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