What if they charged for a website and nobody came?

October 03, 2011

Charging for The Sun's website is penny-wise and pound foolish.

As The Sun continues to shrink, as familiar bylines sign off, as more content is generically generated from out-of-town Tribune sources, themselves reduced, one wonders why not drop the expensive Sun subscription and subscribe to the Washington Post instead?

For me, a major reason to continue to subscribe to The Sun was the interaction between reading the paper and being able to follow-up on line.

Having to pay an additional subscription for this on-line content tips the balance against The Sun especially because I am increasingly frustrated that the Tribune generated national and international coverage is not available on the Sun's webpage. If I have to go to The Post for this coverage anyway, why bother with The Sun?

What if they charged for a paper and a website, and nobody came?

The Sun is about to find out.

James Kelly, Ellicott City

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