BCCC abuses adjunct faculty

October 03, 2011

I applaud the editorial in the September 28 Sun, "Fixing BCCC." I am a nine-year adjunct instructor at Baltimore City Community College and see first-hand the problems there. Adjuncts represent the largest body of employees at the college, numbering about 600 people. We are voiceless, however, as we are underpaid and underappreciated.

My salary is still below $2,000 a course, even with almost 10 years of faithful teaching. We are occasionally not paid on time, with no explanations. Adjuncts are frequently "mandated" to attend workshops, for which we are not paid, with one-day or no notice. There are no evening coordinators for night students and faculty, so that situations like the failure of instructors to turn up for class, or failure of technology in a classroom, a frequent occurrence, cannot be addressed. I may go through an entire semester with not one email from my department chair, much less any communication inquiring about my well-being or that of my students.

What keeps most of us at the college? The desire to teach a truly remarkable group of students who have faced unbelievable hardship to obtain an education, whether they are from Baltimore City or Africa. They deserve better! Thanks to Gov. Martin O'Malley for helping us get on the right track.

Mary Kambic, Baltimore

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