Person shot near SSA campus

October 03, 2011|Peter Hermann, The Baltimore Sun

UPDATED at 1:15 p.m.:

Police are now saying that the shooting was part of a robbery in the woods near the SSA, and not on the campus. Baltimore County police department spokeswoman Elise Armacost said the victim was shot on Walden Circle, but was able to walk to Parallel Road, where he collapsed. Parallel Road is near the entrance to the SSA campus, but Armacost said, "It has nothing to do with the Social Security Administration."

From Baltimore County Police:

Baltimore County Police are on the scene of a shooting in the woods near Walden Circle. This is a street robbery and did not occur on the campus of the Social Security Administration. SSA was notified because the suspect has not yet been apprehended.

The call was dispatched at 11:43 a.m. The location was Woodlawn Drive and Parallel Road.

The victim, and adult male, has suffered non life-threatening injuries and will be transported to Sinai.

Earlier post:

Baltimore County police have confirmed reports that there has been a shooting on the campus of in the woods near the Social Security Administration in Woodlawn.

Elise Armacost, a spokeswoman for the Baltimore County Police Department, said officials are still trying to determine precisely what happened, where it occurred and whether it had anything to do with Social Security.

An email sent by Social Security officials to staff said the campus is on lock-down and that the gunman apparently has fled the area "and is some distance away."

We'll update the story as more details become available.

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