Forbes: Baltimore is among most stressful U.S. cities

October 03, 2011|By Michelle Deal-Zimmerman | The Baltimore Sun

Forbes has come up with a list of America's most stressful cities and Baltimore comes in at no. 12.

Well, geez. We're stressed out? No one had to tell me that. They could put Zoloft in all the reservoirs and we'd still be a city with a nervous condition.

According to Forbes, which looked at quality of life indicators ranging from unemployment to number of hours spent working to housing affordability to traffic congestion, Baltimore's stress points include the high cost of living and poor air quality. (They didn't mention crime. Or the Orioles.)

Nonetheless, we're in good company. Some of my favorite cities made the list, including: San Diego and Miami. (Yeah, it's so stressful finding a parking spot at the beach.)

Both of our neighbors, Philly and DC, rank higher on the list. The most stressful place in America: Los Angeles.

By the way, last year Forbes rated Baltimore the eighth-most-"wired" city in the U.S. Now we know what they they were really trying to say.





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