About 58,000 Marylanders can claim extended unemployment benefits

October 03, 2011|Eileen Ambrose

Look for a letter that went out over the weekend from the Maryland Labor Department to find out if you’re eligible for extended unemployment benefits.  The state says it will provide another 13 weeks of federal benefits to about 58,000 unemployed residents.

Jobless workers were already entitled to 26 weeks of benefits — which has been the standard in Maryland — plus another 47 weeks through emergency unemployment compensation during this economic crisis.

To be eligible, according to state officials, you must be unemployed and meet the requirements of the Extended Benefits law, which require a higher level of job hunting.

If you get a letter from the state, look for the key code so you can file for benefits online.

You also can mail in your claim.

But the state agency isn’t accepting claims over the phone. Can you imagine how long you would be on hold with 58,000 calling in?


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