Calvert Hall worked with neighbors on athletic field lights

October 02, 2011

Over 50 years ago, Calvert Hall relocated from its cramped site on Cathedral and Mulberry Streets in Baltimore to a more spacious, 30 acre location in Towson. As both the school and the surrounding neighborhood developed, Calvert Hall has taken particular measures to assure harmony for all concerned. Each day, over 1,225 college-bound young men fully utilize our state-of-the-art facilities. Within the last three years alone, over $15 million has been invested on a variety of enhancements ranging from improved landscaping to building additions and renovations that help ensure that Calvert Hall is a safe and comfortable educational environment.

As part of our "50 years in Towson" celebration a year ago, Calvert Hall hosted two night football games and three soccer games that attracted enthusiastic students, faculty and staff, parents, alums and avid high school sports fans alike. Athletes were able to complete on a newly installed synthetic turf field. Various Baltimore County agencies generously helped with the planning and oversight of these much-anticipated events. Because the games utilized rented lights that are both expensive to operate and energy inefficient, Calvert Hall sought to utilize available funding to install permanent lights on its two athletic stadiums ("Friday night lights hit home," Sept. 21).

After discussions with the county, meetings were held with the representative of the Loch Raven Village Community Association. With her encouragement, an invitation was extended to our neighbors to discuss these plans. (One family attended.) A Calvert Hall article was published in the association's newsletter. Community support for the project further prompted the schools board of trustees to approve proceeding with the installation of a highly efficient, low-glare lighting system.

According to a representative of the lighting manufacturer, "Calvert Hall took the responsibility to purchase the latest technology in spill and glare control and from our perspective did far more than most schools and parks do to reach out to the community." We were very pleased to hold our first outdoor athletic event "under the lights" shortly after Memorial Day.

Calvert Hall is proud to be a vibrant and vital presence in the greater Baltimore community. We have been very fortunate to have Loch Raven Village as hospitable neighbors and we look forward to maintaining a cordial and proactive relationship in the years ahead.

Br. Thomas Zoppo, Towson

The writer is president of Calvert Hall College.

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