OMG alert: Tom Brady cut his Justin Bieber bangs

(Photo courtesy of the New…)
September 29, 2011|By Matt Vensel

Boston suffered another significant loss on Wednesday: Tom Brady cut his hair.

The Patriots quarterback showed up at practice without his signature Bieber bangs, and thanks to the fine folks in the Patriots media relations department, I have secured a photo of the recently-shorn reigning MVP.

The Boston Globe published a clever obituary for Brady’s hair, which perhaps uncoincidentally was clipped days after Brady threw four interceptions in a loss to the Bills. The official reason has not yet been confirmed.

Before bashing me for blogging about Brady’s hair -- I probably deserve it -- note that Skip Bayless and Co. debated Thursday morning whether Brady getting his hair cut was a sign of leadership. I didn’t go that far.

The Ravens and Patriots won’t play each other in the regular season, which means we won’t get to enjoy any chatter between Terrell Suggs and Brady this year. Hopefully someone gets a Brady quote from Suggs today.

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