Witness held in contempt in killing of 72-year-old

Judge lengthens sentence of suspect after he refused to testify

September 22, 2011|Luke Broadwater, The Baltimore Sun

A city judge on Thursday lengthened the sentence of a man convicted of killing a 72-year-old security guard for the Afro-American newspaper after the suspect refused to testify against the accused gunman.

Circuit Court Judge Lawrence P. Fletcher-Hill found Troy Taylor, 20, in contempt of court after he refused to answer questions from attorneys while on the witness stand. Fletcher-Hill added five months and 29 days onto Taylor's 35-year sentence for first-degree murder.

Prosecutors called Taylor to testify against his friend, Michael Hunter, 20, who is accused of gunning down Vietnam veteran Charles Bowman during the April 8, 2010, robbery of a Chinese food carryout in Waverly that netted $13. The crime shook the North Baltimore community and led police to flood the area with extra officers.

Police say Taylor, who pleaded guilty this year to first-degree murder, joined Hunter in committing the crime. During opening arguments Wednesday, prosecutors said they planned to call Taylor and another of Hunter's friends to testify against him.

The trial is expected to wrap up Friday or Monday.



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