Laurel youth teams meet the competition in soccer

Rec notes

September 19, 2011

Send information to by Monday noon. Includes three names of players from Laurel teams.

Maryland City Mustangs soccer

Mustangs U-9 girls 3 (Zoey Eppard Wilcots 11 saves in goal; goals by Samantha Ferrer (2), Jaden Yanovitz), St. John Evangelist School SJ Eagles 2

Harundale Hot Shots 5, Mustangs U-14 boys 2 ( Xavier Joyner and Caleb Likekele scored)

Mustangs U-12 girls 7 (goals by Rebecca McMahon (2), Danielle Rolle, Natalia Ruiz, Sarah Crouch, Jaila Canzater, Georgia Reitzel), Twister 1

Dynamite 2, Mustangs U-12 girls 1 (Anisa Roberts, Berri Wilmore, Brittany Johnson)

Mustangs U-10 2 (Colin Fouty, Sarim Malik, Diego Ruiz), South River Seahawks 2

St. Jane Rockets 4, Mustangs U-10 1 (Alex Ramirez, Joseph Bamisaiye, Anthony Misteroni)

Mountain Road Raptors 2, Mustangs U-12 boys 1 (Jonathan Garcia scored)

Mustangs U-12 boys 4 (goals by Tejas Khanna (2),Brandon Wise, Santiago Zuluaga) Severn Wombats 0

Mustangs U-9 girls 2 (goals by Zoey Eppard Wilcots and Samantha Ferrer; Illiana Rios, Bryana Zavala), Cape St. Claire Rec Council Cougars 1

Greater Laurel United Soccer Club

U-8 girls: Diego's Dominators 3 (Grace Rua, Eleanor Humphrey), Jafri's Green Machine 2 (Gabriel Berry, Jaffery Sammar); Endres Express 2 (Dillen Sampson, Maya Miller), Forson's Pink Pearls 2 (Azaria Green, Abena Ann Forson)

U-10 girls: Allen's Alligators 1 (Haley Zack, Genevieve Hoyah, Kyrra Allen), Green's Grapes 0 (Ayanna Green, Abigail Royle); Dynamite Wolverines 1 (Chantal Greaves, Katherin Parris), Kerrigan's Kickers 1 (Destiny Surgeon, Jumobi Adedapo)

U-14 girls: Booker's Red Hot Chili Peppers 4 (Jasmine Booker, Nicole Sauls), Clinton's Clique 0 (Gina Berry, Taylor Baucum)

U-8 boys: Lindsay's Lancers 2 (Jahmali Brown, Jonathan Hamilton), Terry's Tigers 2 (Griffin Hoyah, Sean Lindsay); Chirino's Chargers 1 (Nathan Chirino, Phi Huynh), Dan's Demons 1 (Drew Van Der Have, Matthew DeMik)

U-10 boys: Kenealy's Crushers 2 (Connor Kenealy, Edwin Barajas), Victor's Victors 2 (Gabriel Otubu, Jordy Mendoza); De Colstoun's Clubbers 4 (Ricardo Conde, Antonio Green), Portillo's Players 0 (Matthew Godshall, Javier Navarro)

U-14 boys: AC Laurel 2 (Wyatt Haversack, James Tolliver), Geb's Green Hornets 1 (Adam Gebhardt, Danny Butler); Greave's Grinders 1 (Kelvin Angel, Brandon Young), Reilly's Rangers 0 (Alex and Christopher Reilly)

U-19 boys: Greater Laurel United 1 (Gabriel Mendez, Kaillin Roussin-Lally), SAC 0


West Laurel Stallions U-6 28 (touchdowns by Mikell Swann (2), Devin Burton, Ryan Pennington), Northwest Panthers 6

Woodland Tigers 21, West Laurel Stallions 16 (Tajh Gilchrist, Andre Yarde, Rais Brown, Jeremy Rucker). Game was played after Tigers forfeited for not submitting roster.


Maryland Marlins. Tryouts Thursday, Sept. 29, 6-7 p.m. Eleven competition teams for ages 4 and up.,, 410-796-2244.

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