Eat your enemy: Langermann's is cooking up Ravens opponents

September 16, 2011|By Richard Gorelick | The Baltimore Sun

Throughout the 2011 NFL season, Langermann’s in Canton is offering game-day specials inspired by the Ravens’ doomed opponents. Eating one's enemies, as it were.

For Week 1, against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Neal Langermann served a Devonshire sandwich, inspired by the LeMont restaurant. The original consists is composed of crisp bacon and chicken placed on a single piece of toast and then covered with a rich creamy cheese sauce. For this Sunday’s game against Memphis, Langermann served Eggs Memphis, a twist on the traditional Eggs Benedict using pulled pork in Jack Daniel’s barbecue sauce.

And for the St. Louis Rams game on Sept. 25, Langermann is preparing St. Louis barbecue spare ribs – naturally – but he’s also making toasted ravioli with homemade marinara. “What spicy chicken wings are to Buffalo, toasted ravioli is to St. Louis."


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