Staff Q&A: Which Halloween costume do you think will be overdone this year?

(The Baltimore Sun )
September 14, 2011

It’s never too early to think about Halloween, so we asked our staff about which costumes we'll see a lot of this year.

•••• Anything involving the Casey Anthony trial. Luke Broadwater, managing editor, b

•••• I can live with the sexy fill-in-the-blank trend; I just need there to be more options: The sexy aerospace engineer. The sexy CEO. The sexy president. Where my girls at? (Jordan’s note: There’s no such thing as a sexy aerospace engineer.) Anne Tallent, editor, b

•••• The one with all the cleavage. Not that I’m complaining. Wesley Case, reporter, b

•••• I have a strange feeling that we’ll see a lot of “gay soldiers.” Which is not really funny and just a bit insulting. Jordan Bartel, assistant editor, b

•••• Will and Kate. Read: Cinderella and her prince. If I was the same size as I was at 7, I’d do some costume recycling. Jan Diehm, designer, b

•••• I don’t want to see “Jersey Shore” characters, Lady Gagas or Sarah Palins. I think we see enough of them on a regular basis. John-John Williams IV, reporter, The Baltimore Sun

•••• Have you seen that Casey Anthony mask? All I know is it will be one scary Halloween if that one takes off! Mick Lee, Z104.3

•••• Why must the zombie trend remain undead? They’re everywhere — TV, movies, even 5K races. If they’re still lingering around this Halloween, I’m gonna double tap. Olivia Hubert-Allen, community manager,The Baltimore Sun


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