Rick Perry, Subway's lack of meat and more of your rants

(John Lindner photo )
September 14, 2011|b staff

I wanna say thank you to the person who found my license and mailed it back to me. Good to know somebody here has common sense.

Have you noticed Subway commercials always make it look so good? And advertisers on the radio talk about “meat piled up,” but when you get there, they don’t want to give you any meat. Am I the only one seeing this? C’mon, Subway, we need more meat. Quiznos, here I come.

The end of the world scenario I most fear is being stuck on a desert island with John-John Williams.

Rick Perry now confirms it: Texas is full of village idiots.

Bunch of clowns beating up a 70-year-old? I’m 70 in a wheel chair. Let them try that s--- with me. And the cops letting the guy go? Shows the idiots they’ve become over the years. Our citizens should be armed and take out people like that.

When Ravens’ T Suggs makes a tackle, he needs to stay out of opponents’ faces. With his millions of dollars, he needs to see a dermatologist for his face.

I’m sick and tired of reading ads for companies that say they are in Baltimore, when actually they are in Herndon, Va. or Rockville.

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