Some Steelers fans give Pittsburgh a bad name

September 08, 2011|By Mike Preston

I've always liked the Pittsburgh Steelers. I like the way they operate. I like their head coaches. The Steelers do it the right way, and play football the way it should be played. They play great, physical defense and usually have a strong running game. Everything about Pittsburgh is gritty, except for some of their fans.

 The majority of them are good and knowledgeable people. And there is no better atmosphere, including Green Bay, than to watch a playoff football game in Pittsburgh with all those grills cooking outside the stadium. But there is a minority faction among their fan base that is arrogant, and as annoying as gnats.

I've run into the type a couple of times. They remind me of that Sherman kid who used to hang around with Mr. Peabody. You know the kind. They didn't play football in college or high school. They didn't play Pop Warner, either. In fact, they couldn't even play marbles because they were Nerds.

These Pittsburgh fans are the transients. They were born elsewhere and moved to Pittsburgh where they brought a Terrible Towel and now they know everything about football. They watch SportsCenter all the time and are big in fantasy football. They buzz the opposing team's chat rooms and websites because they have nothing to do with their lives. They can be very rude and they just want everyone to know they are from Pitttsburgh and root for the Steelers.

For the first time in their lives, they are big and bad because they wear black and gold.


For all you little Sherman wannabes, get a grip. You're still some little nerd who never got close to a huddle or came close to making a team. Just root for your team and leave the smugness out. True Steeler fans win with class. They banter back and forth with fans from other cities, but not to the point where they become pests.

I'm not a Ravens fan and certainly not a Steelers fan. I'm a fan of football and appreciate good games, especially like the one which will be played Sunday. But I certainly don't need some little air head telling me about the game.

One other thing: Ben Roethlisberger is still a drama queen.
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