As Irene demonstrated, trees have their disadvantages

  • Ron Smith writes that with an election coming, President Obama is seeking to diversify an already diverse federal workforce, an evident effort to shore up support among minorities.
Ron Smith writes that with an election coming, President Obama…
September 01, 2011

Childs Walker's recent article about the power outages ("Down come the trees, and off goes the power," Aug. 29), may be more appropriately titled, "Here come the environmentalists, up go the trees." Where I live in Baltimore County, when you build you have the tree environmentalists dictating what trees can be removed. The same bureaucrat then dictates what trees you must replace. The county always forces you to add trees.

Yet when it comes to utility disruptions, trees are the real culprit. Trees get old and become weak and rotten. They fall and damage property. In Irene's path, a poor soul was killed in North Carolina when a tree fell and crushed him. Trees cost homeowners and property insurance companies.

Empower responsible property owners to choose what to do about trees, not environmentalists.

Bill Alcarese, Baltimore

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