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Rookie driver Charlie Kimball doesn't let diabetes stand in his way

Kimball uses his experience to inspire youngsters who have the condition

September 01, 2011|By Sandra McKee, The Baltimore Sun

"If we can do that," Davis said, "then we can tell him what he needs instead of him having to look down, monitor himself and be distracted. If we can do it in the pits, he can concentrate on driving. He's been doing the readouts himself for several years, but at this level, at the speeds we're driving, it is a distraction and at a street race like the one we'll have in Baltimore, the walls are close and every turn requires total concentration."

Davis said the team could have a prototype of the new system to test here.

"Charlie is committed to racing," said Davis. "But to do it, he has to be constantly working on his diet and physical condition because he has to keep [up] his stamina. Keeping his strength up is a primary concern, along with making sure his blood sugar is not fluctuating. If it starts to fluctuate, we couldn't control it and IndyCar officials wouldn't let him drive. He's really conscientious about it, because he wants to win championships."


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