Rolley has best vision for Baltimore

August 31, 2011

Of all the mayoral candidates, I have found that Otis Rolley has the most cogent and rational vision for Baltimore, beginning with Baltimore's foundation — its neighborhoods. In fact, the possibility of Otis Rolley as mayor has given me hope for the city, which seems to have no positive, forward-looking vision going forward.

I was lucky to be a listener in a telephone town hall meeting in which Mr. Rolley engaged in a dialogue with voters who called in with questions. I was very impressed with the knowledge of the voters and the candidate. It is a relief to have a candidate with a clear, doable, hopeful plan whom I can vote for.

The Sun would do its readers a service by offering a clear, detailed presentation of candidates' position papers on the issues the city faces going forward, without criticism or commentary by the current mayor.

Carol Casey, Baltimore

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