Dixon's criticism way out of line

  • Ron Smith writes that with an election coming, President Obama is seeking to diversify an already diverse federal workforce, an evident effort to shore up support among minorities.
Ron Smith writes that with an election coming, President Obama…
August 31, 2011

I am appalled that Sheila Dixon would make a statement saying that Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake "does not care about the citizens of Baltimore" ("Trading shots," Aug. 30). If anybody displayed "not caring about the citizens of Baltimore," it was Sheila Dixon.

Where was Ms. Dixon's "caring" when she stole gift cards meant for underprivileged citizens of Baltimore and chose to purchase items for her own personal use? She has shown no remorse for this action and in fact has never apologized to the citizens of Baltimore. She not only brought disgrace to herself but also gave a black eye to the city.

Ms. Rawlings-Blake has been and will continue to be an excellent mayor. She has shown great leadership especially in these difficult economic times as well as handling a blizzard, an earthquake, and now Hurricane Irene. I would advise Ms. Dixon to stop and look back at how she disgraced herself and the city before she looks ahead to contemplate a run for mayor. The people of Baltimore don't forget when their trust is betrayed.

Susan Simon, Baltimore

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