Purchase of property holds clue to state's plans for future

Letter to the Editor

August 31, 2011

In reading the article "Relocation of district courthouse moves a step forward" (Arbutus Times, Aug. 10), I was left with a question: What about the land at Spring Grove State Hospital Center?

In these tight economic times, I wonder why our state leaders find it necessary to purchase land for over $2.5 million when the state already owns land that is underutilized, right across the street from the court's current location.

I would think that our elected officials would consider it prudent to avoid unnecessary purchases, such as buying additional land, when other options are available.

I also wonder why our officials would not question purchasing the land in Woodlawn from Whalen Properties, which would like to use some of the Spring Grove land to build a "Promenade." That project appears to be opposed by many Catonsville residents.

So the question remaining in my mind is what political motives are at play when common sense says the state has free land at Spring Grove but chooses to spend millions of dollars to purchase land from an influential developer?

Richard Kidd


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