Warren Buffett is right, Brian Murphy is wrong

August 30, 2011

Brian Murphy's analysis of Warren Buffet's position on paying higher taxes misses the larger point Mr. Buffet was making ("Raising taxes on the rich won't cause them to flee," Aug. 29).

The practical and reasonable response to our country's deficit situation is a combination of reduced spending and increased taxes. Only through both can we reduce the deficit significantly and ensure a stable economy that allows us to make the kind of investments we need in order to create jobs.

Mr. Buffet's position speaks to shared sacrifice. No one — certainly not Mr. Buffet — thinks taxes are good, and I am certainly opposed to vilifying successful people in a form of class warfare. But sharing the pain fairly is central to who we are as a people.

No one who is wealthy or successful in this country today would have achieved that without the sacrifices of those who came before us. Mr. Buffet's commentary is more about that point. Our country needs a fresh approach to its problems, and even though parts of it may be painful, they are ultimately necessary.

John Delaney

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