A peek inside Weights and Measures inspections: Naughty Businesses of the Week

August 30, 2011

As a change of pace from our usual Naughty Business of the Week posts, I just wanted to direct readers to my story today about the inspectors from the Maryland Department of Agriculture's Weights and Measures program.

You may recognize the orange stickers that their field inspectors place on gas pumps that have been tested for accuracy throughout the state, but did you know they also test the weights of packages as well as verify electronic price scanners at retail stores?

Program manager Kenneth R. Ramsburg offered a great tip to guard against being overcharged when the price on the shelf label doesn't match rings up at the register. He said some consumers have been known to write the shelf price on the package so that they can spot discrepencies.

If you encounter an error in an electronic price scanner or suspect you're being shorted on gas, contact the Weights and Measures program through its website or at 410-841-5790 to file a complaint.

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