Baltimore County schools will be closed again Tuesday

Schools might open Wednesday

43 remain without power in wake of Irene

August 29, 2011|By Staff reports

Baltimore County Public Schools will again be closed on Tuesday, Aug. 30, delaying the start of the new school year yet again "due to the continuing effects of Hurricane Irene," according to school officials.

The school year had been scheduled to start on Monday, but on Sunday afternoon 65 schools were without power, and school officials said they feared condition that would "pose a hazard for many children," according to Joe Hairston, superintendent of Baltimore County Public Schools.

By Monday afternoon, 43 schools were without full power, according to BCPS spokesman Charles Herndon, prompting the additional delay.

"We are making progress, and we all want to have students return to school as soon as possible," said Hairston. "But with so many of our schools unable to open, our entire system is impacted, from bus routes and operations to our ability to enroll new students. We are not at the point where we can safely open our doors."

School officials said a variety of issues caused by the storm continued to impact schools Monday:

• 79 schools had limited or no telephone and Internet access;

• 25 roads remained blocked due to fallen trees and debris;

• At least 24 intersections had no traffic signals;

• 100 BCPS school buses were trapped at the Hopkins Creek bus lot by debris.

Beyond the power outage, there was no significant damage reported by any schools from Hurricane Irene, officials said.

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