Rec sports: Crusader Nation 17-U team wins Best of Summer basketball tournament in Los Angeles

Rec sports

August 29, 2011

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Crusader Nation

After going 5-1 and reaching the Elite 8 of the Las Vegas "Live" tournament, the Crusader Nation 17-U team went on a 9-0 run to win the Best of the Summer tournament in Los Angeles.

The Crusaders' final game in Los Angeles was a thriller. With his team trailing by four points Cedric Blossom was supposed to make his first free throw and miss his second. Instead, he connected on both shots to put the Crusaders two points down with 3 seconds to play.

The opponents thew a long inbounds pass, which a Crusader tipped to Gavin Stephenson who fired a 3-pointer from near midcourt to win the game.

Other members of the Crusader team are Katrell Myers, Tevin Hanner, Chase Cormier, Ray Holden, Devin Hebron, Anthony Smith, Blossom, Marcellous Bell, Stephenson, Carjahn Jenkins, Cliff Cornish, Jerrod Lemon and Lawrence Davis.


Columbia Ravens

The Columbia Ravens 9-11 National team opened the season shutting out the Panthers from South Germantown, 26-0.

The Ravens' first score of the season occurred when Ryan Wood's took the ball 42 yards for a touchdown.

On the Ravens' next possession, Saleem Jackson ripped off a 37-yard run for the second score of the day.

Other scoring came from Jayden Cowan (18-yard run), an extra point by Matt Schoenberger and a three-yard touchdown run by Chris Clark.

The Ravens' offensive line of Justin Dunklin, Juan Mercedes, Viren Chaudhry, George Wolo, Alex Ashley and David Damico allowed 212 yards on the ground with Woods (42 yards, one carry), Jackson (84 yards, six carries), Cowan (54 yards, five carries), Joshua Kelly (12 yards, two carries), Delonte Howard (nine yards, three carries), Clark (three yards, one carry) and Schoenberger (eight yards, three carries) carrying the ball.

Defensively, the Ravens were led in the secondary by Brandon Willis with defensive stalwarts Jackson (eight), Koran Henry, Mercedes (two), Kelly (four), Woods (two), Howard (two), Pryor (three), Cowan (two) and Ashley (two) making tackles. Woods, Howard, Pryor, Cowan had caused fumbles. Pryor, Damico and Ethan Cadogan had recovered fumbles. The line was anchored by Dogan Hardaway.


Chapelgate Christian Academy

In July, the cheerleaders of Chapelgate Christian Academy excelled at the Fellowship of Christian Cheerleader's camp held in Lancaster, Penn. The combined JV/varsity squad of 17 earned Camp Champions and four Spirit Sticks by demonstrating high level skills and stunts.

They also received the Christian Spirit award that is given for squads that exhibit genuine friendliness and Christian character. Kristen Keller, Andelyn Smith and Melanie Tarleton all received the All-Star distinction from the camp staff.

The week-long "Amazing Race" competition was also taken by the squad, which consisted of varsity members Hannah Boardman, Nicole Brown, Molly Carlson, Candice Dailey, Jessica Dombrowski, Maria Graham, Kristen Keller, Raven Manns, Danielle Moritz, Loren Parker, Hannah Scarborough, Andelyn Smith, Melanie Tarleton and Carly Edwards and JV members Kayleigh Hall, Mackenzie Ackman and Tanera McCall.


Howard County Striders

Sixty-eight runners came out to run the Howard County Striders weekly race at Thunder Hill Aug. 24. Mark Loeffler and Gabi Lopez led the way in the two-mile run. Karsten Brown and Caroline Bauer won the six-miler.

Two-mile results: 1. Mark Loeffler, 12:05; 2. James Blackwood, 12:07; 3. John Way, 12:25; 4. John Chall, 12:27; 5. Ryan Hermstein, 12:59; 6. Richard Call, 13:16; 7. Javier Rios, 13:17; 8. Chad Burger, 13:36; 9. Bromley Lowe, 13:40; 10. Shane McGovern, 14:12.

11. Alan Murray, 14:50; 12. Gabi Lopez, 14:52; 13. Owen Dannelly, 14:53; 14. Lori Kruss, 15:34; 15. Charles Blum, 15:35; 16. Pat Huffman, 16:08; 17. Kenny Walker, 16:18; 18. Leonard Guralnick, 16:30; 19. Dee Nelson, 16:38; 20. James Koo, 16:57.

21. Roger Calvert, 17:18; 22. Greg Lepore, 17:49; 23. Anna Hogue, 18:54; 24. Bob Lande, 19:08; 25. Noah Kim, 19:42; 26. Susan Kim, 19:43; 27. Melinda Krummerich, 20:14; 28. Tom Hughes, 20:49; 29. Marie Hamilton, 21:11; 30. Peggi McGovern 21:12; 31. John Worley, 23:55; 32. Barb Calvert 27:57.

Six-mile results: 1. Karsten Brown , 33:48; 2. Adam Wytko, 35:11; 3. Mark Eagles, 38:07; 4. David Spaulding, 38:08; 5. Scott McCann, 38:26; 6. Corey Hamilton, 38:45; 7. Mitchell Clark, 39:40; 8. Charles Bowles, 40:14; 9. Leonard Supsic, 40:19; 10. Steve Bohse, 40:34.

11. Marc Hermstein, 40:42; 12. Brenden Henderson, 40:54; 13. Michael Dusenbery, 41:49; 14. Caroline Bauer, 42:11; 15. Keith Levasseur, 42:12; 16. Nikolas Haruna-Matasich, 42:36; 17. Joshua Meyers, 43:06; 18. Ken Sevik, 43:43; 19. Fred Towner, 43:53; 20. Hafiz Shaikh, 44:57.

21. Robert Blanco, 47:00; 22. Mark Worley, 47:20; 23. Tim Techathuvanan, 47:37; 24. Karen Young, 48:46; 25. John Bratiotis 48:51; 26. Marsha Demaree, 50:37; 27. Bruce Worley, 51:06; 28. Srini Rau, 52:01; 29. Jen Pullen, 53:27; 30. Glenda Rodriguez, 54:57.

31. Becky Holtz, 55:26; 32. Emily Howe, 55:48; 33. Tom Green 59:52; 34. Amanda Idstein 1:02:41; 35. James Scarborough, 1:03:40; 36. Ginger Rowley 1:07:14.

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