Pathway report

August 29, 2011

I hit the pathways this morning for the first time since the big blow this weekend. I saw two or three Columbia Association workers out there, and evidence that they'd already been hard at work, in the form of a couple of big trees cut into little pieces after they'd been knocked across the paths by the gusts at Irene's hem.

But there's still plenty left for the workmen to do. I had to navigate my bicycle around about half a dozen fallen trees, and all along my route the pathway is strewn with limbs and twigs, each of them a potential spoke-breaker (and I just got my wheel fixed last week).

I might just have to take the regular road for the ride home.

My friend Dana Sohr of Owen Brown snapped these photos Thursday (pre-Irene) of a large turtle (or is it a tortoise?) he encountered while riding the pathway behind the automotive shops along Dobbin Road. He put his (size 12) bike shoe next to the critter to give the viewer an idea of its size. He also took a shot of the animal next to his bike.

Any zoologists out there who can identify the species?

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