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August 26, 2011

Sarah Kickler Kelber, an editor in the features department since 1999, has been blogging for The Baltimore Sun since 2005, when she started the reality TV blog Reality Check. Because watching and writing about hours of television just wasn't enough, she's also guest blogged for Charm City Moms, Exercists and the dining blog.

On Homefront, Sarah will be blogging about parenting and family, with an occasional focus on the challenges of parenting after deployment. Her husband, Judah, is a sergeant in the United States Marine Corps Reserves and recently returned home from seven months in Afghanistan. They have two sons, Isaac, who is nearly 4, and Aaron, born in December.

Sarah grew up in Texas and Oregon and graduated from the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication in 1999 (which explains the Pavlovian "Go Ducks!" you might occasionally see in her posts). When she's not working, chasing Isaac around or trying to keep her household organized, she's usually wielding her camera or editing photos or reading about photography -- or, of course, watching bad reality TV. (It, like blogging, is a hard habit to break.)

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