Insurance adjusters prepare for Irene

August 26, 2011|By Eileen Ambrose

Allstate says it has mobilized more than 1,000 adjusters ready to respond quickly to handle claims along the East Coast.

Adjusters will be available around the clock to handle claims or answer questions at 1-800-54-storm. Allstate says they will be going door-to-door to deliver checks and bottled water. (Writing that makes me think that some con artists will be going door-to-door following the disaster, so be careful to make sure you know with whom you’re dealing.)

Meanwhile, Farmers Insurance Group of Companies says it will “strategically position claims adjusters”  and mobile catastrophe units in places where the hurricane hits land. Customers with damage should contact their agent or the Farmers round-the-clock hotline at 1-800-435-7764.

While you’re stuck in the house this weekend, take the time to create an inventory of your personal property, including photos. Farmers suggests you email this information to relatives living outside the path of the hurricane. An inventory will help getting lost items replaced faster.




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