Now is no time for a tax hike, governor

August 25, 2011

I find it absolutely incredible that any politician in a sound state of mind would consider implementing new taxes and/or raising existing taxes. The governor of this state hinted last week that additional taxes would be considered in 2012 ("O'Malley puts tax increases on the table for 2012 legislature," Aug. 20).

With unemployment hovering around 10 percent and much higher in urban areas, record high food prices, high gasoline prices, high electric rates, and high natural gas and fuel oil prices, most families and small businesses are just making ends meet. Mr. O'Malley stated that we need "to protect our children's future — we must be open to new revenues."

Governor, here's a thought, instead of you taking more of my money, let me keep a little which will allow me to help my children myself. As a small business owner, let me keep a little which might allow me to rehire the six people I had to lay off almost two years ago.

I would find it very refreshing if one of this state's leading elected officials would come out and tell us that they are going to get by on the huge amount of money they already take from us and make things work. I cannot imagine why any politician looking to be elected to office ever again would tell his or her constituents that they would consider raising taxes again.

Oh, that's right. Mr. O'Malley, you're not running again are you?

Robert K. Altenburger

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