Lame excuses from Conaways

August 25, 2011

Here I go again, but when I read how City Councilwoman Belinda Conaway and her father, a candidate for mayor, gave those lame excuses why they got tax breaks on property they owned, it is an insult to the intelligence of the people of Baltimore. Here we have people running our city, supposedly reading important documents and voting for the good of city residents, offering the excuse of "inadvertently signed mortgage documents" describing a Randallstown home as the councilwoman's primary residence. Circuit Court Clerk Frank M. Conaway Sr. stated, "sometimes when they put papers in front of you at settlement you go on and sign without scrutinizing as much as you should."

Please give the people of Baltimore a break. They (and probably many others in the government) are depriving our city and state of much needed money while they line their pockets with taxpayer dollars. I am tired of hearing those feeble excuses when they had to have known just what they were doing in the first place.

If the Conaways can't run their own finances legally, how are they supposed to act "by the people and for the people" in their jurisdiction? We need more honest watchdog agencies to monitor what is going on behind our backs.

Linda Hark, Baltimore

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