Window kitten charms Baltimore's Butchers Hill

(Jill Rosen )
August 25, 2011|By Jill Rosen | The Baltimore Sun

Sometimes, it's just the littlest of things that can bring people together. In this case it's a kitten, a little furry thing that's charmed an entire Baltimore neighborhood.

No one's sure exactly when the kitten came into their lives. She was just there one day, perched in a window on Lombard Street.

She was a tiny thing then, a black and white cutie. If someone would tap on the window -- and they always did -- she'd follow the finger with a pink paw pad. If she was feeling frisky she'd try to pounce on it -- not realizing a pane of glass was holding her back.

The funny thing, in the early days, was it was hard to tell how exactly the kitty got onto the window ledge to begin with. The window in her home, like in many of the neighborhood's historic row homes, was buffered by a panel of tall, wooden blinds. And the blinds were always shut. There was no way -- no way! -- a tiny kitten had the spring-power to shoot over how-many-feet of blinds. Yet there she was.... a furry little mystery!

And then there were her antics. It became a non-stop kitten concert showcased in the window. I would stop and watch her for a minute or two every time I brought my dog to the park. She'd strech in the most outrageous way -- her back arched sky-high, her front paws reaching and reaching, the dream yoga position. She'd sputter her wee paws across the glass, a little mime doing the "I'm trapped in a box!" She'd smoosh her little head against the pane, trying to head butt whoever was on the other side.

The other evening I was heading home with Teddy Bean from the park and realized there was already a little crowd gathered for the evening performance. A mom, with her little girl in a stroller, said they'd been watching for weeks. Her toddler can't resist the kitten. And then two elderly women stopped by. They too, admitted they'd been long-time watchers.

Someone had found out her name is Izzie. Another person had figured out how she got past the blinds and into the window -- something having to do with a TV table just out of site beyond the glass, a spot from which an enterprising kitten could hop.

I'm a little sad because she's starting to get bigger now. She's still quite kitten-ish. But not for long. What if she suddenly becomes "over" the window... she moves on to big cat things. But what about the show? What about your fans?

Anyway, she's still going strong for now. By the time she moves on -- if she moves on -- who knows just how many folks Izzie will have charmed, or just how many people whose day she made. It's safe to say, quite a few.

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