How not to throw a junk food social

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August 25, 2011|By Richard Gorelick | The Baltimore Sun

The worst time to throw a junk food social for your colleagues is during an earthquake.

In her farewell column, Laura Vozzella mentioned that I was setting up for a Junk Food Social when the earthquake hit. Stupid planet ruined my party.

The new Golden Oreos Fudge Cremes were a big hit. Andy Rosen brought Fruity Pebbles and Golden Grahams. Michael Sragow contributed a new kind of Buffalo Wings Pringles. Erik Maza showed up with Nutella.

The party was cancelled but the salty and sweet treats nourished the newsroom, and Vozzella promised me she was relieved not to be the center of attention. Still, I hated to see perfectly good Peanut Butter Kandy Kakes just sit there. (Am I nuts? They used to be called Tandy Takes, right?)

Reporter Liz Kay finally got to make her version of the snack-packed Compost Cookie Bars made famous by Momofuko Milk Bar. Kay's version of this kitchen-sink cookie were stuffed with mini peanut butter cups, cranberries and coconut, along with thin pretzels, jalepeno potato chips and cheddar goldfish. "And instant espresso instead of coffee grounds," she said "because I’m timid."

Vozzella, who was this paper's dining blogger for most of 2010, is headed down to Richmond where she'll be covering the Virginia State House for the Washington Post.

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