Maryland lawmakers: Tax yourselves first

August 24, 2011

Word has it that the Maryland General Assembly wants to meet this fall, raise some new taxes, and hope we don't notice. Well folks, we will notice. We will notice if you want to tax our repair services when people are getting things fixed that they can't afford to replace. We will notice a tax on our health clubs at a time when Americans are trying to fight obesity. We also notice if you want to tax engineering services at a time when building is already suffering. Cable TV is already too high, and you want to tax that too?

Why do you only want to tax what we use? It is flat-out discrimination to tax our auto mechanic's services but not a lawyer's. Why no tax on the use of a lobbyist? Better yet, isn't it more fair to impose a tax on contributions to campaign accounts and political action committees? There's plenty of money there to tax! The General Assembly should tax the services of all lawyers, lobbyists and their campaigns before they tax us. In any event, we will take notice.

William A. Howard IV, Perry Hall

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