'Designer crab feast' is an oxymoron

August 24, 2011

I just read Stephen B. Awalt's reply to your article about "designer" crab feasts and laughed all the way through ("Simplicity is special," Aug. 21). I just can't imagine anyone having a crab feast with the items mentioned and in the way it was described.

I worked my way through every action Mr. Awalt wrote about, and they were so real that every crab-eating Marylander probably has experienced them at one time or another.

The most hilarious thing would be for someone to read the designer crab feast article to people in the middle of enjoying a crab feast, then tell them that's how they're going to do it next year.

Of course, the person reading would have to have eaten his crabs already in order to make the day fair.

Jane Hundertmark, Laurel

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