Superintendent, school board ignore needs of students

August 24, 2011

Why anyone is upset with the actions of the Baltimore County schools superintendent in getting rid of classroom resources, i.e., teachers, and adding to an already top-heavy administrative staff is a mystery to me.

He told the County Council and school board exactly what he was going to do and they signed off on the idea of ignoring the needs of students in favor of hiring more of his cronies at school headquarters.

Of course the school board, members of whom are appointed by the governor, is there to simply rubber stamp the superintendent's policies as their own so when people get upset — and I guess they do from time to time — the superintendent can always say it was the school board's idea.

All of the posturing about how the children are the first priority doesn't speak as loudly as the actions of school board and the superintendent.

William M. Ilbercci Sr.

Perry Hall

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