Wednesday mailbox -- do you eat lunch at your desk?

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August 24, 2011|By Richard Gorelick | The Baltimore Sun

Yesterday there was a Wednesday mailbox post. Why was that?

I blame it on 1) the effects of a magnitude-5.9 earthquake (4.7ish in these parts, according to this), 2) the effects of the Junk Food Social thrown by the Features Department 3) the inclusion among the links of a New York Times restaurant review, which everyone knows hits print on Wednedsay.

But today is Wednesday.

I admit it. I'm take my lunch at my desk. But, apparently my productivity would increase if I left my desk for lunch and came back refreshed. This Wall Street Journal article addresses that but it's really about the annoying things our cubicle-mates do with their lunches. It's titlted the Field guide to obnoxious eating.

The How Chow blog has a great post about the restaurants one group of Howard County office workers chooses to order from when they're allowed to order from wherever they want.

I loved this Atlantic article about the surprising surge in popularity of Greek-style yogurt --How did Greek yogurt get so popular?

Diners accept time limits - the New York Post reports on a recent Zagat survey that indicates that diners are actually okay with time limits during peak hours.  (Eater)

The Guardian reports on a scientific study that finds Cooking is really old (Eater)

Pig of the Month is the very cute name for a mail-order barbecue company based in Dayton, Ohio, that packs and ships pre-prepared ribs, pulled pork , sides, gourmet sauces, and sides in vacuum-sealed bags.

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