Z104.3's Heat Meter: Hot Chelle Rae stays hot

August 23, 2011|By Jackson Blue, Z104.3

Which songs are you dying to hear — and which are played out?  Z104.3’s Jackson Blue weighs in with his handy Heat Meter.

GETTIN' HOT: “Tonight Tonight,” Hot Chelle Rae
The first big hit from these Nashville guys goes Top 5 in the country this week. I still know very little about them. Wikipedia knows roughly the same, so that’s that.

WARMING UP: “Take Over Control,” Afrojack
Great dance song with a crazy, driving beat. I’m pretty sure Z104.3 was playing this song when the earthquake hit. Coincidence? Or just too many dancing people at once? Hmm ...

FLAMEOUT: “Smile,” Avril Lavigne
Avril’s orthodontist does not approve this song.

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