Gay couples aren't invisible in real life, so why should they be ignored by the media?

August 22, 2011

I'd like to ask letter writer Joseph Erving why he thinks that coverage of same-sex couples doesn't warrant front page news ("Covering gay couples," Aug. 17).

The reported 51 percent rise in same-sex couples in Maryland certainly isn't an insignificant fact. The Sun's article highlighted a lesbian couple, Catherine Kelly and Sue Heether, living in a stable relationship with their children, and it recounts their worries regarding the legal protections for their children, hospital visits and other concerns. With gay marriage a real possibility in Maryland this year, this article seems particularly relevant.

I notice that Mr. Erving is a Timonium resident, as are Ms. Kelly and Ms. Heether – and as am I and my partner of 27 years. We all probably shop at the same stores, go to the same restaurants and use the same services in the Timonium area, so Mr. Erving may well have seen us from time to time and not even noticed that we were gay or lesbian.

And that is the point. We need for our fellow straight neighbors to realize that we are living alongside them, paying taxes and maintaining our homes and families. We are not invisible, and we don't deserve to be dismissed as unworthy of news coverage.

Bill Klemer, Timonium

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