Michele Bachmann: Queen of the flip-flop

August 22, 2011

I see that Republican candidate Michele Bachmann is now "guaranteeing" gas will be $2 a gallon if she becomes president. Wow!

As anyone familiar with the free market knows, there is only one way to guarantee that gas is going to be at the price set by a politician — price controls.

Even the "lefty" President Obama hasn't suggested that. That puts Michele Bachmann to the left of Obama and the Democrats in Congress, even that lefty Bernie Sanders fromVermont.

So in one day, Michele Bachmann has gone from right-wing darling to the very thing she claims to hate: a socialist!

That's the flip-flop to end all flip-flops. Now we know the truth: Michele Bachmann is a socialist flip-flopper.

William Smith, Baltimore

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