League supports at-large board elections and diversity

Letters to the editor

August 22, 2011

I commend County Executive Ken Ulman for appointing an advisory committee to address the lack of diversity on the seven-member, nonpartisan Board of Education. The policy of the League of Women Voters of Howard County supports "an elected Howard County Board of Education with at-large election of its members."

Obviously, diverse representation depends upon diverse candidates voluntarily running for this important office. There are a number of organizations in the county — both political and nonpartisan — that could step up to this issue by encouraging qualified candidates to run, then working to get them elected by supporting them financially, helping with their campaigns and getting out the vote.  

This is the way it is done in a democracy and it is the way it should be done in Howard County.

Betsy Grater

Ellicott City

Betsy Grater is co-president of the League of Women Voters of  Howard County and was a candidate for the school board in 2008.

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