Monday Mailbox -- British ginger Michelin twins chefs headed for James Beard House

(photo courtesy James Beard…)
August 22, 2011|By Richard Gorelick | The Baltimore Sun

The Paula Deen-Anthony Bourdain feud spilled over into this week. Deen talked about it on the Today show. Eater National has a recap and update. A reader reminded me of the comments about Deen that Bourdain made during his May 2010 appearance at Baltimore's Hippodrome theater.

The then-recent purchase of the Travel Channel by Scripps Howard had put Bourdain in the Food Network family. Bourdain told the Baltimore audience, "So, I'm their boy now... If Guy Fieri needs a bikini waxing, they're calling me. Or Paula Dean needs a erotic rubdown..." The Deen line got a huge, huge, huge laugh.

¿ I misread this article's title -- "Playgrounds for bacteria at fast food restaurants." The article is talking about the actual playgrounds attached to fast food restaurants. One mother's campaign started when she happened upon a "play tube (with) rotting food in every crevice, a used Band-Aid inside, and gang signs and profanity scrawled all over. Ewwww. (Food Safety News)

¿The James Beard Foundation sent out its September/October newsletter. You couldn't really miss heartthrob identical twin British chef Robert Aikens and Tom Aikens, who will be cooking at the foundation's famed New York headquarters on Oct. 25. Both chefs work at Michelin-starred restaurants -- Tom Aikens remains in London, and Robert is cooking at Stephen Starr's Dandelion in Philadelphia.

¿There's not much chance an In-N-Out Burger is likely to make its way anywhere near here. The best we can hope for is a place that look, talks and walk enough like an In-N-Out Burger in the eyes of In-N-Out Burger for In-N-Out Burger to threaten it with legal action. And we've got one! It's the Grab-N-Go in nearby Aberdeen! Eater National has an update.



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