Lunch review: A Kosher Subway in Pikesville

August 21, 2011|By Richard Gorelick | The Baltimore Sun

John Lindner reviews a kosher Subway in Pikesville. What, you were expecting Arbutus?

John's review, which appears in Monday's Sunrise section, takes a look at the offerings at the area's first kosher Subway outlett -- there are others in Los Angeles, Cleveland, Chicago, Kansas City and Queens, N.Y. According to the store's website, the store is really, truly kosher ("under the supervision of the Star-K") and not just kosher-style.

Familiar Subway offerings are here but also salami, corned beef and schwarma. Here's that review.

The kosher Subway store at 709 Reisterstown Road in Pikesville. Its phone number is 410-653-5782.

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