Constellation job cuts

August 19, 2011

Regarding Hanah Cho's daily brief "Exelon: Baltimore will see 'most impactful' job cuts in Constellation merger" (Aug. 16), I'm a mother of two young children and a student at Coppin State University who has been unemployed and looking for work for six months without success. It upsets me to hear Exelon CEO Christopher Crane say that most of the job cuts resulting from the proposed merger will be at Constellation's Baltimore headquarters.

Executives with BGE/Constellation keep saying that this merger will be good for our city. But how can a deal where the "most impactful" job cuts happen here be good for Baltimore?

People are already struggling to find work. Many of my friends have simply given up looking after more than a year of searching. I'm going to school to build a good life for myself and my kids, but all the education in the world won't help if there aren't enough good jobs for people who need them.

It's simply not acceptable for Constellation and Exelon to profit from people in Baltimore and at the same time take jobs away from the city.

Sharita Hays, Baltimore

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