Corkboard: What are Baltimore's best bars?

(Algerina Perna )
August 19, 2011|By Erik Maza | The Baltimore Sun

Brewer's Art. The Laughing Pint. Dionysus. These are just a few of the bars that made it onto last year's list of the top 50 bars in the city.

It's time to rank them again. Except, this time we're expanding the list to 100 and ranking bars by categories. And, it's not limited to the city this time. We're looking at all of Baltimore's surrounding areas.

Ten of the 100 bars will be entirely readers' picks. Later this Fall, we'll poll you to come up with the rankings.

For now, what are Baltimore's best bars and clubs? Where do you like to go dancing, or when you want good craft beer? What new bars will make it to the list? Red House Tavern? Liam's? PBR Baltimore?

 The comments are yours.

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