"Jeopardy" champ moving to Delaware is bad sign for Maryland

August 18, 2011

I found your article and interview with Justin Sausville ("'Jeopardy!' champ Justin Sausville, the only question is how long he will have to keep his results a secret," Aug. 15) to be both entertaining as well as enlightening.

My enlightenment comes from the fact that Justin and his wife will be moving to Delaware, yet he will be on staff at a Maryland hospital. I read that neither he nor his wife is from Delaware. Delaware certainly isn't more beautiful than Cecil County, especially the waterfront areas around Northeast. So, I must conclude that it's all about no taxes, no taxes, no taxes. Delaware is renowned for having no state income or sales tax, lower property taxes, all which lessens the cost of living; Maryland's is legendary for taxes, taxes, taxes, and one of the highest cost of living in the U.S. We lose our good productive businesses to Virginia, and our good productive citizens to all of our surrounding states. When are Marylanders going to wake up and demand less taxes, less regulations, less safe harboring on non-taxpaying illegal aliens, and less government. Soon, I hope.

Gary Gamber, Reisterstown

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