Tea party antics: Where are the grown-ups?

August 17, 2011

Despite the tea party's childish antics, there are reasonable Republicans out there; When will the party's adults call the children to order for the sake of our country?

Like Leon Reinstein, I also am astonished at the "chutzpah" of the Republican tea party caucus ("GOP offers new definition of chutzpah," Aug. 9).

They hold everyone hostage for weeks over the debt ceiling while insisting there can be no compromise on raising revenues, at the same time saying the debt-ceiling vote isn't really that important.

They refuse to come to the table and talk about the country's debt like adults. Even Standard & Poor's recognized that revenues were an issue.

Finally, they continue to write these ridiculous letters and essays blaming the Democrats and Obama for the mess we're in. Suddenly, it's all their fault.

I know there are reasonable Republicans out there because I hear them occasionally on public television and radio and sometimes read them in the paper. Will these adults please call the children to order for the sake of our country?

Judy Schaeffer

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