London looters are following the example of British bankers and members of Parliament

August 17, 2011

We should learn the lessons of the London riots, as the root causes can also be found in Baltimore. The real reason why British youth loots is simply because they are following the example shown to them by the establishment. Young Brits are immersed in a culture where looting has become a way of life which has been highly rewarding to those at the top. The bankers have looted the tax-payers, the members of Parliament have looted their expense allowances, and "celebrity culture" has looted the moral seed bank of the nation.

Civil unrest in Europe, especially France and Italy may be more frequent but they do have a political purpose. In the U.K. there is no such raison d'être — the average British youth is probably the most politically ignorant creature on the planet, followed closely by those in the USA. Unlike their equivalents on the continent it is almost impossible to have an intelligent conversation or any kind of political debate with a young Brit.

The hard right and the extreme left have a history of public unrest on the continent which is mostly absent from the UK (Northern Ireland excepted). British youths riot simply because they can, because they are angry, because they are bored, because many of them are feral, raised by dysfunctional parents, because they have no work and no prospects for their future. In order to stand up and support society you actually have to have a stake in that society. These rioting youths, many of them barely teenagers, just don't care if they get caught. Threats by Prime Minister David Cameron to get tough are meaningless to such children. There is nothing the authorities can possible do to them which is worse than what they have already experienced in life.

Perhaps the British are fortunate that their youth is so politically ignorant and merely bent on mindless violence and looting. They are exactly the sort of fodder which brought Hitler to power in the 1930s. Read this description of brownshirt recruits: " Audacity was their dogma. the destruction of all social connections had made them rootless. With many, going berserk was overcompensation for their measureless weakness, their camaraderie a product of their fear of being alone."

Britain, like the Weimar Republic, is a broken nation where the political leadership has totally lost the confidence, of the so-far silent, middle classes. Keep watching, this country is a social Petri dish, a rat-lab for the future development of Anglo-American culture.

Ted Newcomen

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