Adventist Hospital's proposed move could cause Laurel Regional Hospital to lose patients, revenue

August 17, 2011

The proposal to move Adventist Hospital from Takoma Park to Calverton/Silver Spring can only have a devastating impact upon Laurel Regional Hospital. The new hospital would be only 6.1 miles away from Laurel and would draw from the same neighborhoods.

According to filings by Dimensions, Laurel's operator, a new hospital so close would cause Laurel Regional Hospital to lose: 11.8 percent of medical/surgical patients; 4.9 percent of obstetrics patients; 12.4 percent of psychiatric patients; $8.5 million in gross revenue; and the growth opportunities associated with the Konterra development, BRAC realignment and the opening of the ICC and interchanges at I-95 and Contee Road (now Van Dusen).

Current estimates indicate that Laurel would lose over $10 million in gross revenue if the WAH proposal moves forward. This is why it was so surprising to read that some of our Prince George's elected officials support construction of a new hospital in Montgomery County that would jeopardize the future of Laurel Regional Hospital.

Adventist admits that its project will have a devastating impact upon Laurel. In fact, last week it filed a document with the state commission suggesting that Laurel Regional Hospital may stop serving as an in-patient facility. Misinterpreting the Dimension reorganization, Adventist said that "it is abundantly clear that (Laurel Regional Hospital) may cease functioning as an in patient facility by 2018."

Laurel Regional Hospital is not going to close. The proposed collaboration with the University of Maryland System will make Laurel stronger than ever. This collaboration, Laurel's immediate proximity to I-95 coupled with the anticipated growth opportunities of BRAC and the implementation of the Konterra construction plan, make it absolutely critical that health care enhancements to Laurel Regional Hospital continue. The Laurel community must stand united in opposition to a new Montgomery County Hospital that can only jeopardize Laurel's future and take local hospital car away from us.

Craig A. Moe

Mayor, City of Laurel

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