Killing background check requirement for Laurel elections is unfair

August 17, 2011

In response to last week's article "Council kills background checks," I believe this is a ruling that is unfair to the residents of Laurel. I have been a resident of Laurel for over 62 years and I have always respected elected officials, whether local or national. However this ruling by city council means that a sex molester, bank robber, murderer or person convicted of a crime who does his or her time and is released back into society can freely run for an elected position without any background check. This is absolutely absurd and unfair. Ex-cons when released from prison or jail have a terrible time getting any kind of work, however Laurel City Council says "okay to run for office regardless of past." Residents of Laurel, beware who you vote for in Laurel; they could be a convicted murderer. Sad and unfair.

Harry Buchanan


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