First day of school at Brock Bridge Elementary delayed to Aug. 24

Staggered first days for some students in the county

August 17, 2011

Students at Brock Bridge Elementary School will start the 2011-2012 academic year one day later than other Anne Arundel County students because of construction projects at the school. Brock Bridge Elementary will open Wednesday, Aug. 24, instead of Tuesday, Aug. 23.

Throughout Anne Arundel County, kindergarten, pre-kindergarten and Early Childhood Intervention students, as well as middle and high school students will start the school year on a staggered schedule to allow those starting at a new school to get oriented before the remaining students return the following day.

At Brock Bridge Elementary, parent-teacher conferences for kindergarten, pre-kindergarten and ECI students will be held starting Aug. 24, with the three-day staggered start schedule beginning Aug. 26. Other elementary schools will start those schedules a day earlier.

The staggered school starts are as follows:

Aug. 23: Schools open for grades 1-5, 6 and 9 only (except Brock Bridge Elementary)

Aug. 24: Schools open for students in grades 1-12.

Aug. 23-25: Conferences for half-day pre-kindergarten and ECI students.

Aug. 23 and 24: Conferences for kindergarten and full-day pre-kindergarten

Aug. 25, 26 and 29: Staggered entrance for kindergarten and full-day pre-kindergarten

Aug. 26: First day of school for ECI students

Aug. 26, 29 and 30: Staggered entrance for half-day pre-kindergarten

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