The best Baltimore bar guide is coming back

August 17, 2011

Remember last year's guide to the top 50 bars in Baltimore? The controversial decision to put The Laughing Pint at No. 1? All the angry owners and publicists and bar fans whose favorite watering holes weren't picked? And all the overjoyed people whose favorite bars ranked higher than they'd predicted?

Well, it's coming back this Fall. This year we'll be picking the top 100 Baltimore bars. And! The guide won't be limited to Baltimore City proper.

This year's guide will also be arranged differently: there will be ten readers' picks, ten critics' picks and eight categories each with ten ranked bars.

Later this week, we'll ask you which bars merit inclusion.

For now, help us narrow down these eight categories. Instead of bar concepts - best Irish pub, best country bar - we're going to categorize bars by their best qualities: best bar to go to for good beer, best post-date bar, best club to go dancing.

These are just some ideas. What other categories would you like to see?

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