Insurance company tells woman: Your dog is 'totaled'

(Wreck photo courtesy of…)
August 16, 2011

It's the news you expect to hear about your 2001 Honda Civic. Or anything, really, that's made of steel, wire and rubber. Cars are totaled -- not dogs.

Yet that's exactly what an insurance company told one woman: Sorry m'am. Your dog's been totaled.

According to this crazy report out of Denver, a woman named Marcia Pinkstaff told ABC7 News that her Lab mix named Sasha, who's 9, was crossing the street in a crosswalk when a van hit her.

Sasha was injured, but survived.

When Pinkstaf reported the incident to the driver's insurance company, the company apparently agreed to pay for some of the treatments Sasha needed. But after a few bills, the insurance firm reportedly told Pinkstaf that her dog was considered "totaled" and that they wouldn't pay any more for her care.

Send her off to the junk heap!

"I was horrified,” Pinkstaff told the news station. "They said they were totaling out my dog. It broke my heart because she is like a child to me."

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